The ADDICTIONS SPECIALIST will be under the supervision of the Health Director, reports to the Health Committee and is accountable to the Kahkewistahaw First Nations Chief & Council. The Addiction Worker is responsible for community-based addiction prevention, intervention and public education services. This position is jointly focused on community-based programming and client referral services.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1.  Develop and implement a community-based Addictions plan including workshops, public meetings and preparing proposals for funding of these activities.
2.  Establishing and facilitating addiction recovery related self help and support groups.
3.  Responsible for client case management meetings, referrals and pre-treatment admission counseling and the development of written after care plans to assist the client in lifestyle adjustments upon return to the community.
4.  Facilitate and coordinate public education awareness activities focused on combating drug and alcohol issues in the community.
5.  Assist in the maintenance of a health resources library by providing current information on addictions issues and treatment options.
6.  Responsible for client referrals to internal and external agencies based on client case plans.
7.  Assisting the health team in planning and coordination of community-based programs, which promote healthy lifestyles.
8.  Establish and maintain a reporting system, which outlines client services and utilizations, referrals and maintain this system according to confidentiality principles.
9.  Prepare reports, proposals, correspondence and other documents as directed.
10.  Ensure drugs all activities are focused on the education/prevention/treatment of, alcohol and solvent abuse.
11.  Conduct and/or organize community workshops addressing a variety of topics relating to the prevention and intervention of harmful lifestyles and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
12.  Conduct home visits with clients and their families, particularly those with drug/alcohol dependence or addictions.
13.  Provide after care support for clients during the post treatment phase, including counseling, home visits and referrals to other appropriate services both within and outside of the immediate community.
14.  Establish and maintain communication with referral agencies.
15.  Ensure that adequate transportation is available for client to and from treatment centers as per the medical transportation policy.
16.  Represent NNADAP program concerns at staff meetings and general community meetings when necessary.
17.  Encourage communication and liaison with other NNADAP workers and attend all NNADAP workers meeting as well as other relevant meetings and workshops as approved by the supervisor.
18.  Assist in the development and implementation of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Gambler Anonymous (GA)
19.  Ensure confidentiality of all clients related information.
20.  Submit weekly/monthly/quarterly and annual activity reports to the Health Director; Chief and Council and funding agencies.
21.  Follow up approved lines of communication and reporting mechanisms as defined in the Kahkewistahaw Employee Policy and Procedures.
22.  Any other assigned duties by the immediate supervisor.


A probationary period of three (3) months for new employee and an annual evaluation on his/her anniversary date.


a)  Possess the designated NNADAP certification from SIIT or a degree/certificate in the social sciences/humanities/dependency areas and/or a combination of relevant post-secondary education and experience.
b)  Possess extensive knowledge of addictions dynamics, rehabilitation options and sensitivity to the impact of various addictions on First Nations families and communities.
c)  Personally committed to and exercise an addictions-free lifestyle with at least five (5) years sobriety.
d)  Have a minimum of five (5) years practical experience working and/or living in First Nations communities with a thorough understanding of traditions, customs and protocol.
e)  Possess the required written and oral reporting skills and able to clearly communicate the same, to clients, committee, co-workers and supervisor.
f)  Possess the ability to follow direction and complete tasks with minimum supervision.
g)  Be well organized, punctual, dependable, and reliable and demonstrate excellent people and conflict management skills.
h)  Demonstrate and maintain a public perception of empathy, trustworthiness, and be approachable to all segments of the community population.
i)   Possess the skills to manage confidential information and ensure that the release of information is managed according to confidentiality principles.
j)  Establish and maintain communications with other departments in order to promote health and wellness.
k)  Possess a valid driver’s license, own a reliable vehicle and meet insurability requirements to operate band owned vehicles.
l)  Must possess strong communication skills in order to facilitate workshops and presentation
m)  Submit a pre-employment drug screen and criminal records check prior to the commencement of employment.

DEADLINE: FRIDAY, MAY 17th 2024 @ 3:00PM


Human Resource Department
Kahkewistahaw First Nation
P.O. Box 609
Phone: (306) 696-3291
Fax: (306) 696-3201
Email: Apply@Kahkewistahaw.com
Applicants who do not submit a complete application will be shortlisted