Original Article by Devin Wilger / Yorkton This Week Posted April 3, 2019 10:49 AM

The Yorkton Business Summit is a new event hosted by the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce, designed to help the businesses in the region network and face challenges they might encounter in the region.

Topics covered over the day included the state of business in Yorkton, First Nations business opportunities, tools for developing online business and a keynote presentation by Ben Voss, CEO of Morris Industries.

Mike Stackhouse, President of the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce, thought that the inaugural event achieved the goal the Chamber had, which was to get local expertise on display.

“The things that work in Yorkton might not apply to other cities. What we have is a group of people here from Yorkton. I think it’s most pertinent for Yorkton business people is to hear from successful Yorkton people, because what works here, works here, it might not work elsewhere.”

Stackhouse in particular was impressed by Evan Taypotat, Chief of Kahkewistahaw First Nation, who discussed the challenges they face with economic development and education.

“He was extremely entertaining, extremely informative and very eye opening… I found it to be really refreshing to hear him speak frankly, in a tone that took on some accountability for himself and his people, but at the same time making note that there’s more to it than him and his people, and we need to understand each other better, and not just be one group here, one group over there. We should be in this all together. To hear him talk about wanting to include everybody was really refreshing and really encouraging.”

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