Reporting to the Director of Operations and accountable to the Chief and Council, the Canada Mortgage and
Housing Corporation (CMHC) Technician is responsible for coordinating CMHC key housing services
provided by Kahkewistahaw First Nation. With approximately 100 CMHC housing units located on the First
Nation, this position is responsible for overseeing tenant responsibilities, tenancy agreement administration
and tenant relations for the entire Kahkewistahaw housing portfolio.


1. Prepare and submit to the Director of Operations for review, a draft annual budget and a draft
multiyear financial plan.
2. Updating and maintaining the Aboriginal Statistical Assistance Programs (AKSAP), housing
inventory database as well as a Capital Information Assets System (CIAS) on a weekly basis.
3. Review Maintenance Service Fees (MSF) calculations and verification of income, MSF intake and
deposits move-in/move-out procedures.
4. Prepare Canada and Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) housing packages for new
construction and CMHC mortgage renewal guidelines in consultation with the Director of Housing
and approval from the Director of Operations.
5. Prepare Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) Home Adaptations for Senior
Independents (HASI) applications and ensuring that all approved RRAP/HASI are completed in
accordance to the specific guidelines/deadline.
6. Enforce the terms of the rental agreements with tenants and explain tenant responsibilities.
7. Follow-up with tenants whose MSF payments that are in arrears; arrange for follow up on arrears
repayment agreements when required.
8. Advise the tenants of rental agreements and or housing policy violations and confirm the procedures
of addressing violations and resolving the violations.
9. Assist and carry out unit condition assessments, complete reports for further actions by the Director
of Operations.
10. Any other duties as assigned by the Immediate Supervisor.


1. A Diploma in Business Administration from a recognized College/University with 3 years’ work
experience in the Housing Management sector and extensive knowledge of housing construction.
2. Must have a strong background in finance, budgeting, reporting and monitoring.
3. Experience in project coordination and people management and support ongoing quality
improvement efforts.
4. Possess excellent communication skills both orally and written, to effectively deal with external
agencies (CMHC, Tribal Council and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), fellow employees, Band
Membership, the public and Chief and Council.
5. Must have worked with First Nation communities and organizations and be familiar with CMHC
reporting requirements.
6. Possess a valid driver’s license and own a reliable vehicle.
7. Must provide 3 (three) current references along with resume.
8. Submit a current up-to-date criminal record check (CPIC) and a drug screening test within thirty
days commencing employment.

DEADLINE: Friday, December 2, 2022 @ 3:00 PM


Human Resource Department
Kahkewistahaw First Nation
P.O Box 609, Broadview, SK, S0G 0K0
Phone: (306) 696-3291 Ext. #265
Fax: (306) 696-3201
Email: apply@kahkewistahaw.com