Please be advised that there are vacancies on the following committees:

1 Housing Committee ELDER Vacancy

1 Housing Committee Vacancy

1 Lands & Resources ELDER Vacancy

1 Recreation Committee ELDER Vacancy

1 Recreation Committee Vacancy

1 Education Committee Vacancies

  • Education ELDER Vacancy

1 Justice/Community Consultative Group ELDER Vacancy

  • Justice/Community Consultative Group Committee Vacancies

2 Health Committee Vacancy

3 Fundraising/Gaming Committee Vacancy

2 Social Development Committee Vacancy

1 Social/Development ELDER Vacancy

3 Rodeo Committee Member Vacancies


Please submit a letter of intent and a current Criminal Record Check.

Upon successful acceptance to a Committee, applicants will be given 30 days to submit a drug test.

Deadline: Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 @ 4:30 PM

Submit to the Human Resource Office in person or via email at humanresources@kahkewistahaw.com

For further information please review Kahkewistahaw Committee Policy:

“Eligibility to Be a Committee Member”

Section 5.04 of the Kahkewistahaw Committee Policy

Copies are available in the Human Resource Office