A Review of KFN Highlights and Accomplishment (2017-2020)

More than three years have passed since we, as your leaders, entered our term as your Chief and Council. Since that time we have been taking major steps to improve economic development, build infrastructure, enhance social programs and manage Citizen safety. With increased economic generation it has meant we can also improve social programs, wellness and recreation activities for families and individuals. Many of these accomplishments are significant, but they are only the beginning. Momentum is building with every accomplishment, but there is more to do and we will continue to work toward a positive future for our Nation.

As we reflect back on the past three years, we are reminded of these significant achievements:

We have taken many steps to successfully implement the vision for our Nation. We are on the road to prosperity. Never before in our history have our own source revenues been so high. While there is more to be done to ensure our Nation has a stable, prosperous and healthy future, all KFN Citizens can be proud of how far we have come together so far.

On behalf of Chief and Council, we thank you, the Citizens of our great Nation for your vision, your ongoing trust and support. We could not have achieved what we have without you. By continuing to work together, we can keep our Nation moving forward.

Much accomplished, more to do…

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