The Home Care Nurse reports administratively to the Kahkewistahaw Health Director and Professionally to
ISC/FNIHB Home Care Nurse practice advisor. The home care nurse is responsible for the supervisor of the
LPN, CCA’s and the Administrative Assistant. They will be able to address the care givers concerns and
make appropriate adjustments to the patients’ in-home management plan. Outstanding quality candidates
possess the mental strength and resilience to communicate care for patients and are also able to provide
emotional support to family members if required.


1. Conduct the initial client assessment; and ensure reassessments are done annually; admit clients to program;
develop client care plans; determine when the clients can be discharged from the program.
2. Provide supervision to home care staff including provision of care, competency reviews, performance appraisals,
and training recommendations.
3. Prepare schedule for each client care plan for the LPN and CCA’s
4. Consult with client’s physician or other health care agencies as necessary to provide care
5. Provide high quality nursing services based on nursing standards, scope of duties and competencies which could
include wound management, medication management, teaching and supervision of self-care activities,
management of chronic diseases, providing ongoing support to an unstable client whose care cannot be managed
by the CCA or family, teaching personal care to family members and palliative care
6. Provide clinical supervision to home care staff for treatment procedures to ensure the safe performance of the
procedure within the scope of nursing practice as outlined by SRNA, SALPN and ISC/FNIHB Home Care
7. Maintain statistical records in an efficient manner, communicate with FNIHB home care nurse practice advisor as
8. Submit eSDRT statistics monthly to health Canada, as required
9. Maintain current nursing skills through attendance at workshops, in-service, staff meetings, in addition to reading
current literature to maintain awareness of services, techniques and equipment that may be of assistance to home
care clients.
10. Listen, advocate to the concerns of the clients and family and answer their questions. While educating the aftercare
and/or ongoing care of the client. (Involve family, care giver, and other agencies as required)
11. Ordering medical equipment and supplies for the client and the program, according to Non Insured Health Benefits
12. Provide client referrals to other agencies and health care providers
13. Any other duties as requested from Immediate Supervisor.


1. Bachelor’s degree in nursing or similar.
2. Relevant license and certification.
3. A member in good standing with SRNA
4. Previous home care or community health work experience
5. Maintain CPR/AED/First Aid certification
6. Must have strong organizational skills and work independently with minimum supervision.
7. Be punctual, dependable, reliable, and committed to the position.
8. Ensure that confidential matters remain confidential and be willing to sign an oath of confidentiality and oath
of employment.
9. Possess a valid Class 5 driver’s license and own a reliable vehicle.
10. Submit a drug screen and current criminal records check within thirty days of commencing employment.
11. Must provide three (3) references along with an updated resume.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 3, 2022 @ 4:30 PM


Human Resource Manager
Kahkewistahaw First Nation
P.O Box 609, Broadview, SK, S0G 0K0
Phone: (306) 696-3291 Ext. #265
Fax: (306) 696-3201
Email: apply@kahkewistahaw.com

Applicants who do not submit the above noted information will not be selected for an interview. Please ensure you submit all required documentation.