The Kahkewistahaw checkstops were raised December 8th, 2020 at 4:00 pm and will be operating on a 24-hour basis until further notice.

Manned checkstops are placed on the 201 highway (south and valley exits) as well as on the Cowessess border. Other exits to the First Nation (including the Ochapowace entrance on Jacob Bear Road) will be closed as well. Any traffic between Kahkewistahaw and Ochapowace should use the entrance on Isaac Rd / Twp Rd 174.

Any traffic to Cowessess at this time is advised to use either their North or South entrances on the 605 road (accessible by Twp Rd 174 or valley highway 247)

Finally. Curfew will be in effect from 11pm to 6am every day until further notice. Traffic in and out of the First Nation will be restricted to only essential traffic while curfew is in effect. For traffic passing through the Nation (including the 201) during curfew, you may be instructed by the checkstops to have one of our patrol units escort you through the First Nation.

Please be respectful towards the checkstop operators and let’s work together to keep our nation safe!