The Membership Assistant will be responsible for general administration as well as maintaining, updating, and verifying the First Nation Register and Band List for Kahkewistahaw First Nation. This position will be the first contact for members, visitors, and staff on the telephone and will perform duties such as correspondence, mail, data entry, filing, and general inquiries. The Membership Assistant will assist individuals through the application process for Indian Status to facilitate the determination of an individual’s eligibility for Indian Status. The role also communicates decision made by the Registrar and issue Status Cards to those that are deemed eligible. The Membership Assistant must be highly organized and have knowledge of Kahkewistahaw First Nation values, culture, and traditions. The Membership Assistant will work under the direct supervision of the Membership Clerk, Director of Operations and other duties assigned by the Chief and Council.  


Duties & Responsibilities: 

  • Respond to telephone, e-mail, and in-person inquiries from members, clients, businesses, and other parties.  
  • Refer all inquiries to the appropriate individuals or departments within the organization. 
  • Take and record telephone, e-mail, or written messages for staff members.  
  • Take forms, letters, reports, memos, and generate meeting minutes as necessary. 
  • Receive and distribute all forms of correspondence. 
  • Organize, maintain, and coordinate office records and files in their proper locations. 
  • Where necessary, assist in the compilation of data for various reports.  
  • Coordinate the logistical aspects for departmental programs, such as meetings, workshops, special projects, and events as required.  
  • Arrange and book meetings in boardrooms, off-site conferences, and other locations; ensure the appropriate presentation equipment is available. 
  • As a front-line worker, present a positive and professional image of the organization to all visitors, suppliers, inquiries, and other interactions.  
  • Provide information to staff, members, and clients about special activities. 
  • Ensure all forms, and reports are completed as needed. 
  • Observe and reports any issues to the Membership Clerk or Director of Operations. 
  • Arrange travel bookings via approved providers. 
  • Administer inbound/outgoing mail, including priority post, packages, courier services, and other correspondence. 
  • Note any inconsistencies in the First Nation’s Registrar and advise the Department of any required changes. 
  • Assist individuals who are applying for registration for Indian Status or to become a Band Member (e.g. assist individuals with transfers to and from other bands as requested) 
  • Provide information to applicants on the application of relevant legislation and the Department’s policies and procedures related to application for status. 
  • Obtain and examine supporting documents (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate) to determine their acceptability for registration. 
  • Receive and review applications and assist for Indian Status. 
  • Forward appropriate documentation to assist applications to the Department of Indigenous Services (DISC) 
  • Communicate to individuals of the decisions made by the Registrar concerning their Indian Status. 
  • Maintain an effective filing system that includes the necessary reporting of Certificates of Indian Status on a regular basis along with an event reporting system for all transactions. 
  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with Band Registry Clerks of other Bands.  
  • Liaise with Provincial and Federal Departments/Agencies to facilitate the provision of services to First Nation clients.  


A probationary period of three (3) months for new employee and an annual evaluation on his/her anniversary date. 


  • High School Diploma or equivalent required 
  • Certificate/Diploma in Office Administration  
  • Experience working in an administration setting; reliability and dependability is a requirement. 
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and be able to relate well with members, coworkers, and general public.   
  • Detail oriented with excellent organizational skills. 
  • Able to work effectively in a team environment or independently; available to work some evenings and weekends if required. 
  • Able to take direction willingly from a supervisor. 
  • Willing to take training to continually update qualifications and knowledge. 
  • Sign Commission of Oaths. 
  • Clear criminal reference check is required. 
  • Class 5 Drivers’ License is considered an asset. 
  • Cover letter, updated resume and thee (3) written references. 
  • Must have knowledge of Kahkewistahaw First Nation Values, culture, and traditions.  


DEADLINE: June 7, 2024, 4:30p.m. 

SUBMIT TO: Human Resource Department 

Kahkewistahaw First Nation 

P.O. Box 609 


Phone: (306) 696-3291  

Fax: (306) 696-3201 

Email: Apply@Kahkewistahaw.com 


Applicants who do not submit a complete application will be shortlisted