Good morning Kahkewistahâw membership,

Over the last week the Council & myself have sat with our health professionals and elders and we have come to the conclusion that we will cancel the 2020 Christmas Tour entirely.

Everyone will still be able to get their Christmas bonus ($500 for adults & elders, $250 for minors), but will do so now through direct deposit only.

There will be no public Christmas bonus payout. 100% of the payout will be done by direct deposit this year.

You will need to send your direct deposit information to

As the finance team cannot deposit someone else’s cheque into your account, you must have your bank account. This includes your children as well. So if you don’t have an account, get into a bank for yourself or your kids.

This was not a easy decision as just last week I explained why we were going to still go out while having 3 options. Since that post, BC along with MB have closed their public spaces. Alberta is next and we suspect Saskatchewan will follow suit.

If you have any relatives who are transient or are homeless, please do your best to pass the information.

I ask you to remain positive through this difficult time. The whole administration team will work long hours to ensure you get your bonus. Let’s pass good vibes, get the cheque into your account, get presents under the tree and hope the vaccine comes soon!

Keep practicing social distancing, wear those masks, have good sanitization practices and limit travel to essential only. We will get through these trying times. I’m sure of it!

On behalf of the Council,
Chief Evan.B.G.Taypotat