Economic Development

Kahkewistahaw First Nation believes the ability to provide optimal lives for its Members requires self-sufficiency, financial stability and economic prosperity, now and into the future.

The Kahkewistahaw Economic Management Corporation is wholly owned by Kahkewistahaw First Nation. It was established to develop diversified business opportunities that will create annual revenue to sustain and enhance KFN, and stable, quality employment for its membership.

The KEMC is led by a Chief Executive Officer and governed by five board members, and provides management and operational guidance to its subsidiary companies and limited partnerships. Decisions by the KEMC are informed by its new Economic Development Strategy, which will guide and shape all business decisions over the next five years.

The KEMC is governed by the principles of professionalism, autonomy, and financial and economic responsibility. Its goal is to provide a safe, sound and secure path towards economic prosperity. We are approaching the future with a clear vision, enthusiasm and excitement.

KEMC continually assesses opportunities in various industry sectors, and believes the key to successful economic development is diversification. Recent discussions have included the areas of renewable energy, construction, value-added agriculture, oilfield and mining.

Please find below a current listing of KEMC companies.

Board of Directors

KFN Board

Mik Cupial

Chris Sicotte
KEMC Board of Director

Senator Amanda Louison
KEMC Board of Director

Vida F. McArthur
KEMC Board of Director

Mamawi Holdings Corporation

This property management company oversees the KFN Yorkton urban reserve, which is a 12-acre parcel of land purchased in 2001. It currently holds a lease agreement with the Painted Hand Casino, Home Inn & Suites, and the Kahkewistahaw Gas & Convenience Store.

Feasibility studies are underway to determine current market needs for commercial and retail space in Yorkton so this land can be further developed.

Kahkewistahaw Gas & Convenience Store

In operation since 2004, this is the only First Nations gas and convenience store operating on First Nations land within Yorkton. It is a Petro-Canada retail outlet, and provides full- and part-time employment for about 20 staff, most of whom are KFN Members.

Penipa Hotel Limited

This hotel is on the KFN urban reserve land, next to the Painted Hand Casino. The $8 million facility opened in 2013, and is a Home Inn and Suites franchise, currently managed by D3H Hotels.

Kahkewistahaw Sand & Gravel Limited

This company was created to develop high quality road gravel and aggregate for KFN, and other First Nations, rural municipalities, businesses and individuals. Commercial production has been temporarily suspended while KEMC completes its forecast of higher volume contracts, ensuring maximum efficiency and profits.

Kanatan Energy

KEMC sees solar power as an opportunity because the province of Saskatchewan has declared its aim to rely on renewable energy for half its power within a decade. Kanatan Energy was incorporated in 2016, and aims to provide solar power to Kahkewistahaw First Nation and sell excess power to SaskPower in the near future.

Future Plans & Acquisitions

Chief and Council are committed to ensuring KFN retains as much capital and employment opportunities as is possible. As such, KEMC is assessing the viability of creating its own construction company to meet the needs of numerous planned developments in the coming years.

KEMC purchased the Babcock and Wilcox manufacturing plant in Melville, SK, in 2019. It assembles large equipment for a variety of industries, such as mining, oil and gas.

KEMC purchased and took over operations of Billy’s Pub and Restaurant, mini-golf and barbeque at Birds Point in 2019. This was the first phase of further anticipated KEMC development at Round Lake, including a hotel, cabins and marina.

The Kahkewistahaw Landing site is another KFN urban reserve parcel of approximately 40 acres of land, directly south of the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport. KEMC is planning the development of a gas station and convenience store in the northwest corner of this land. More options include hotel, convention centre, office and retail space, recreational and medical facilities, and restaurants.

KEMC has made a strategic investment in OneLeaf Holdings Corp, a medical cannabis and hemp company in Regina, with a belief that there are significant opportunities in medical CBD treatments, such as diabetes and addictions management, and in hemp agriculture.