The Housing Department oversees the management of all KFN housing. It ensures there are high-quality homes available for ownership and for rent on-reserve, and collaborates with KFN operations and maintenance to secure efficient and reliable infrastructure, such as road, sewer and water services. When at all possible, it secures employment for local Members for new builds and renovations. It carries out housing policy and directives, including damage deposits, rent collection and consequences.

As of September 2021, There are 196 housing units in Kahkewistahaw First Nation (100 band units, 86 units under CMHC and 10 units purchased by the Trust).  These are not including the 22 new builds in progress.

We currently have two HIIFNIY Youth Interns that will serve 36 weeks. These dollars were secured through a proposal to CMHC. One of the youths is our Administrative Assistant and one is a maintenance worker.  We have one On-The-Job-Training Initiative candidate employed for 42 weeks. He serves as a maintenance worker.  These dollars were secured through proposal through CMHC.

There are 4 homes being built by Matix Lumber.  These homes are stick built and are 2-bedrooms.  These dollars were secured through the 2020-2021, Section 95 application in-take through CMHC.  These homes are 95% complete and are expected to be ready for allocation in the up-and-coming weeks.

There are 3 homes being built by Deneschuk homes.  These are stick built homes and are 3-bedroom homes.  These dollars were secured through 2019-2020, Section 95 application in-take through CMHC.  These homes are 95% complete and are expected to be ready for allocation in the up-and-coming weeks.

New subdivision is being built.  This subdivision will consist of 15 homes.  5 of these unit will be 2-bedroom, single-detached and 5 of them will be 1-bedroom duplexes.  These units will be utilized to home single women or women with children, only. These dollars were secured through the 2020-2021 Rapid Housing Initiative through CMHC. We expect to reach project completion by Spring of 2022.

There are 4 Atco trailers located on Celebration Road.  These trailers are to be utilized to Isolate members in the event they contract Covid-19 and for emergency placements.  Currently, all 4 pods are being utilized, but these placements are not in relation to Covid-19.

The Off-Reserve Financial Assistance Program is now terminated.  The program has expended all dollars and will no longer look to continue.  Since the program began back in 2004, the First Nation has assisted 89 members with this funding.

Housing Application Forms

KFN Housing Application Form

Housing Committee Members

  • Portfolio Holder: Councillor Cory Alexson
  • Christine McKay – Elder
  • Andrea Starr – Member
  • Fabian Alexson – Member
  • Gilbert Isaac – Member
  • Cady Fitzgerald – Member

Housing Staff

Bonnie Lavallee
Director of Infrastructure
Phone: 306.696.3291 ext.200

Karyn Taypotat
Housing Clerk
Phone: 306-696-3291 Ext 203
Email: housingadmin@kahkewistahaw.com

CMCH Technician
Phone: 306-696-3291 Ext 246
Email: CMHCtechnician@kahkewistahaw.com

Garth Kaysaywaysemet
Band Unit Coordinator
Phone: 306-696-3291 Ext 234
Email: BandUnitCoordinator@kahkewistahaw.com

Operations & Maintenance

O & M Staff

Allen Delorme
Operations & Maintenance Manager

Alfred Taypotat Jr.

Don Wasacase
Heavy Duty Mechanic

Melvin Black
O & M Labourer

Brandon Alexson
O & M Labourer

Geoffrey Alexson
O & M Labourer

Patrick Bobb


Cheryl Bird 
Complex Manager

Water Treatment Plant

Gilbert Isaac
Water Treatment Plant

Hilliard Bobb
Water Treatment Plant

Alvin Alexson
Water Treatment Plant