Kahkewistahaw 1907 Trust

The Kahkewistahaw 1907 Specific Claim Agreement governs our mandate to purchase 29,000 acres of land within the province of Saskatchewan and, working with the federal government, to transfer these lands to Reserve Status within 30 years of the effective date (November 25, 2002). These acquisitions are meant to replace the land we owned in 1907 when the federal government purchased our land in bad faith. In purchasing these lands, the Trustees follow the Land Acquisition Process which was approved by Chief and Council in 2004.

The 1907 Trust is governed by five trustees, three of whom must live on-reserve and two off. These people must be addictions-free KFN Members, with a minimum grade 12 education, no bankruptcies in the past 7 years, and no convictions or pardons in the last 10.
For more information on becoming a trustee, please contact us.

Past and present trustees meet with our two investment managers twice a year for updates, and with our investment consultant who assists in monitoring our investment managers to ensure they follow the KFN investment policy.

What is a Trust?

A trust is a legal agreement that allows a person (the trustee) to control the property of another person (the settlor) for the benefit of a third party (the beneficiary) according to the terms set out in the trust agreement.

In this case, our past and present Trustees are governing the 1907 Trust for the benefit of present and future Kahkewistahaw First Nation generations.

Community Development Account

The Trust gave KFN an opportunity to create an account of funds to support individuals, businesses and community organizations. This Community Development Account came into effect in 2019, and distributes 2% of the previous year’s market value of the Trust to eligible entities.

In 2019, 227 Individual KFN Members were approved to receive funding that totaled $406,965.73.

To learn more about applying for this funding, contact the Trust department at 306-696-2680.

Minors Trust

On behalf of KFN, the Trust office monitors and distributes the Minor Trust Account.
All minors who were born and registered members as of November 25, 2002 have had their Minors Trust Funds held at our financial institute until their 18th birthday.

To collect their Per Capital Distribution of $1,000, on the day of their 18th birthday or earlier, they must provide:

  1. A Release Form
  2. Two pieces of identification that has any combination of their signature and picture.

If the minor would like the funds transferred to their bank account, we need those documents, and their banking information, by the middle of the month before their birthday. (For example, if a Minor turns 18 in September, information must be submitted by the middle of August.)

All future generations of KFN Members will also receive their $1,000 PCD upon reaching the age of 18 and will need to contact Arlene Isaac, Membership Clerk.

Kahkewistahaw 1907 Trustees

  • Tashena Taypotat: Off–Reserve Trustee/Chairperson
    Term ends: March 6, 2026
  • Samantha Isaac: Off–Reserve Trustee
    Term ends: January 9, 2026
  • Leslie Sparvier: On–Reserve Trustee
    Term ends: January 9, 2027
  • Stan Bobb: On–Reserve Trustee
    Term ends: January 9, 2027
  • Leigha Taypotat: On-Reserve Trustee
  • Term ends:  December 21, 2026

Kahkewistahaw 1907 Trust Staff

Contact Information:
Toll Free: 1-866-661-2680
Phone: (306) 696-2680
Fax: (306) 696-2775

Lindsey Bird: Community Development Administrator
Email: administrator@kahkewistahaw.com

Marlous Louison: Trust Coordinator
Email: marlous@kahkewistahaw.com

Leanne Fitzgerald: Administrative Assistant
Email: leeann@kahkewistahaw.com

Loella Goodwill: Custodian
Email: loella.goodwill@kahkewistahaw.com