Human Resources

The KFN Human Resources department plays an integral role in the KFN Community Plan to develop and strengthen Kahkewistahaw First Nation. We aim to support our Members as they gain employment and build expertise while we collectively work towards the sustainability and growth of our Nation.

As Kahkewistahaw First Nation continues to progress, so to does the scope of the KFN Human Resources department. We are committed to the fulfillment of legislative and delegated responsibilities for recruitment, compensation, pension and benefits, employee development, health and labour relations. These programs ensure our workforce is supported and able to meet the challenges facing our community.

The HR department follows protocol outlined in the Kahkewistahaw First Nation Employment Policy and Procedures Manual to ensure all staff members are treated in a fair, equitable manner. Other documents in place include the Strategic Plan; Committee, Governance, Information Management, and Finance Policies; salary scale; and organizational chart.

We continue to improve upon our communication processes, and value feedback from all Members.

The Human Resource (HR) office:

  • Helps define jobs
  • Interviews job candidates
  • Selects appropriate employees
  • Trains & develops employees and managers
  • Maintains casual employee database
  • Evaluates performances & conducts reviews
  • Encourages positive workplace environments
  • Communicates policies
  • Complies with legal requirements


All employment opportunities are posted on the Kahkewistahaw First Nation website, its Facebook page, and in the front foyer of the Administration office. Occasionally, committee vacancies become available and are also posted. Members are encouraged to apply with a letter of intent and an updated criminal records check.

The KFN Human Resources Department accepts resumes to keep on file for casual, temporary work as it arises. To add your name to this potential employment database, please submit your resume in person or to:

The Fine Option Program allows Members to settle fines by doing unpaid, supervised community service work, rather than paying in cash. Please contact the HR department for more information.

Contact Information

Human Resource Manager
Phone: (306) 696-3291  Ext. 265

Nepin Bobb
Human Resource Assistant
Phone: (306) 696-3291 ext. 263

Human Resource Assistant II
Phone: (306) 696-3291  Ext. 264