Land & Resources

The Lands & Resources Department manages 27,000 acres of land, including areas near Round Lake, Wolseley, Whitewood, Yorkton and Saskatoon. It is governed by the Kahkewistahaw Land Code, the Lands Committee, and Chief and Council.

KFN uses two land management regimes. It has partially transitioned more than half its land base to the Kahkewistahaw Land Code, through the First Nations Lands Management Act, which gives KFN greater control over our own lands. The remaining parcels of land are still governed by Indian Act and the Reserve Land and Environmental Management Program (RLEMP). KFN is working to transition these remaining parcels to the Land Code as part of our own self-governance process.

Lands & Resources manages all KFN lands, including pasture program, commercial leasing arrangements, and issuing permits to individuals, on-reserve businesses, utility companies, etc. It provides technical support to departments, agencies, local farmers and ranchers, and Members in locating lands and identifying resources. It oversees the animal by-law, evaluates proposed land improvement projects, and assists KFN in setting aside areas for economic and residential purposes. The current lagoon and water treatment plant expansions, and the solid waste transfer station project are being completed under the Lands & Resources mandate.

As Kahkewistahaw First Nation continues to progress, so to does the scope of the KFN Land & Resources department. We are improving our self-governance process with the development of policies and laws, including the new Land Use Plan, which sets the stage for future development, and the Environmental Sustainability Plan, which aims to protect the soil, air and water for future generations of Kahkewistahaw Members.

For more information about Lands Department projects, please contact us. We are always open to community suggestions for further improvement projects.

Revenue from our land leasing program generates about $200,000 annually. These funds help with community projects and programs such as:

  • Kahkewistahaw Fire Department
  • Sports, Elder, and Youth programs
  • Community Powwow and Rodeo
  • Purchase of transportation vans and sports equipment
KFN Fire Truck

Lands Committee

  • Councillor Michael Bob – Portfolio Holder
  • Janice Taypotat – Committee Elder
  • Ross McKay – Committee Member
  • David Bobb – Committee Member
  • Darcia Kaysaywaysemat – Committee Member
  • VACANT – Committee Member

Contact Information

Dean Cherkas
Interim Director of Lands & Resource
Phone: (306) 696-3291  Ext. 227

Lands Assistant
Phone: (306) 696-3291  Ext. 223

Legacy Technical Specialist

Chip Taypotat
Animal Control